Voters will be heading to the polls Tuesday for a primary in the race for Leavenworth City Commission.

There also will be a City Council primary in Tonganoxie.

The races in Leavenworth and Tonganoxie are the only two in the county this year with enough candidates to force a primary.

County Clerk Janet Klasinski said polls will be open from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. Tuesday at the usual locations in Leavenworth.

People still can vote early at the Leavenworth County Clerk’s Office until noon Monday. The Clerk’s Office is located at the Leavenworth County Courthouse, 300 Walnut St.

The primary will narrow the field of Leavenworth City Commission candidates from 11 to six.

The 11 candidates are Michael Jordan, Jermaine Wilson, Michael J. Urban, Todd O. Coulson, Mark Preisinger, Daniel Schiffbauer, Michael Bogner, Charles Raney, Lisa Weakley, Phil Martin and Myron “Mike” Griswold.

Three positions on the commission are up for election this year. Preisinger, Raney and Weakley currently serve on the commission and are seeking re-election.

Leavenworth city commissioners are elected at-large rather than by wards or districts. This means each candidate can reside anywhere in the city.

In the primary, each voter will be asked to vote for three or fewer candidates.

Klasinski is predicting a voter turnout of less than 10 percent for the Leavenworth primary.

“I think the race will be tight because of the low turnout,” she said.

The last election for City Commission was in 2015. There was no primary in the City Commission race that year. But the turnout for the general election was 9.78 percent, Klasinksi said.

City and school board elections previously took place in the spring. But the elections are now later in the year because of a change in state law.

This year’s general election for local city races and school boards will be Nov. 7.

Klasinksi said she does not know if turnout will increase now that odd-year elections are following the same schedule as even-year elections.

“We’ll just kind of have to wait and see,” she said.

The primary for the Tonganoxie City Council will narrow the field of candidates from 10 to six.

The 10 primary candidates are A.W. Himpel, Rachell I. Rowand, Ryan Keltner, Jennifer Kohl, Jamie Lawson, Michael Towle, Chris R. Donnelly, Andrew T. Gilner, Jim Truesdell and Loralee D. Stevens.

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