A man was re-sentenced Friday for a murder that was committed more than 25 years ago.

A man was re-sentenced Friday for a murder that was committed more than 25 years ago.

Sherrill G. Brinkley, 72, was given a life sentence for the May 26, 1990, shooting death of Everett “Skeet” Bishop. The crime reportedly took place in rural Linwood.

Brinkley was first sentenced in 1993 following his conviction for the crime. But in 1995, the Kansas Supreme Court ruled a Leavenworth County judge made an error when sentencing Brinkley for the murder charge. The case was remanded back to Leavenworth County District Court for re-sentencing.

Brinkley was never re-sentenced until Friday because he has been serving a federal prison sentence in Florida for unrelated charges.

A Federal Bureau of Prisons website indicates Brinkley is scheduled to be released in the federal case in October.

Brinkley will begin serving his life sentence for the murder charge with the Kansas Department of Corrections once he is released from federal prison, according to County Attorney Todd Thompson.

Brinkley’s attorney, Carl Cornwell, requested that Friday’s sentence for the 1990 murder be continued.

Cornwell initially thought he had not received a pre-sentencing report. But he later acknowledged one had been sent to him.

Thompson objected to the continuance. He said family members of the victim were in the courtroom Friday.

“We’re prepared to go forward today,” Thompson said.

The prosecutor suggested the sentencing could take place later in the day after Cornwell had time to review a copy of the pre-sentencing report.

“I’m an awfully slow reader judge,” Cornwell said.

The defense attorney said he also was researching issues that he wanted to present to the court.

Cornwell said the sentencing could be appealed if the judge went forward.

District Judge Gunnar Sundby rescheduled the sentencing for later in the day Friday.

Jim Bishop, brother of Everett Bishop, spoke during the sentencing. He asked Sundby to impose the maximum sentence.

“I think it was a terrible thing that happened,” he said.

Jim Bishop said he sees no remorse from Brinkley.

“My kids had to grow up without an uncle,” Jim Bishop said.

Thompson said the murder “was severely heinous.”

After Everett Bishop was killed, Brinkley and another man reportedly placed the body in a 55-gallon steel barrel and welded it shut. Holes were cut into the barrel, and it was placed in the Missouri River. The body has never been recovered, according to the court records.

When given the opportunity to speak during Friday’s sentencing hearing, Brinkley indicated he did not wish to say anything.

Brinkley was sentenced under the sentencing laws that were in place at the time of the murder.

Sundby said his only option Friday was to impose a life sentence. He said it will be up to the Kansas Department of Corrections to determine when Brinkley may be eligible for parole.

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