Carol Turner is the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society Shelter Volunteer Coordinator.

Carol Turner is the Leavenworth Animal Welfare Society Shelter Volunteer Coordinator.

1. Carol, why is tomorrow, National Dog Day, a perfect time to adopt a dog from Leavenworth Animal Control?
National Dog Day is a great day to adopt because it brings attention to the number of dogs that need to be rescued each year from public shelters like the Leavenworth animal shelter, or from rescues like LAWS or from pure-breed rescues.

2. Does the shelter have plenty of dogs to choose from and can you describe some of their personalities?
Yes, the shelter has several different dogs of all sizes in the adoption room to choose from.  Bagel (white and tan) and Crosby, both pictured, are smart, energetic, eager to please, loving and can jump really high.  

3. Why do rescue dogs make such good, loyal friends for life?
Rescue dogs make great lifelong friends because they seem to know that you saved them.  
There is a special connection between most rescue pets and their owners.  These pets that come out of shelters adjust to home life very easily.  
Most shelter pets were already in a home before arriving at the shelter.
Most arrive here not because of anything they did, but more so due to the previous owner’s situation/choices.  The dogs I have fostered for LAWS that came out of the Leavenworth shelter have been phenomenal pets.

4. What is involved when people are interested in adopting an animal from the shelter?
 If a family already owns a dog(s), LAWS volunteers always recommend that people bring their current dog(s) in on leash, so we can do a proper meet-and-greet to ensure a great match whether they are adopting a dog or a cat.  When people adopt from the shelter, they are responsible for getting the pet spayed or neutered and for getting city tags.  
People can always check out the shelter's Petfinder site: to see what cats and dogs are available for adoption.  People need to consider if they have the time and budget for a family pet.  Pets need daily attention, food, water, occasional vet visits, vaccines and flea, tick and heartworm prevention.  Those basic care items can add up.  Heartworm prevention for dogs is important all year-round because prevention is much cheaper and easier on a dog versus heartworm treatment.  Heartworm treatment is extremely expensive and it is very hard on a dog to endure.    

5. Is volunteering at the shelter a good way for people who can’t adopt a dog to honor canines on National Dog Day and other days throughout the year?
Absolutely!  LAWS actually has a volunteer that isn't able to own a pet at the moment.  So, he volunteers at the shelter with the dogs and cats.  LAWS always welcomes the public to fill out an application to become a volunteer.  We have volunteers that just work with dogs and some that just work with cats - so it's a win-win for everyone.  To honor National Dog Day, LAWS volunteers are making a special dog meatloaf and dog safe cupcakes.  The dogs will be receiving these homemade treats this afternoon.
— Rimsie McConiga