Delaware Street may have a different look this year during the holiday season.

Delaware Street may have a different look this year during the holiday season.

During a meeting Tuesday, Leavenworth city commissioners were presented with pictures of new Christmas decorations that can be displayed on the light poles along Delaware Street in downtown Leavenworth.

Tuesday's presentation was a followup to a suggestion made last month by a commissioner about using money generated through the city's transient guest tax to improve Christmas decorations.

The transient guest tax is charged to people who stay at hotels and motels in the city. The money generated from this tax has to be used for tourism related programs.

Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Preisinger, who made the suggestion about improving the city's holiday decorations, did not attend Tuesday's meeting.

City Manager Paul Kramer said Tuesday that transient guest tax money will be used to purchase any new decorations.

It may seem early to be discussing decorations for the holidays, but Kramer said new decorations probably will be ordered later this month.

Kramer provided the photographs of decorations that are available after discussing the matter with Manneco, the company that installs and later removes the city's existing holiday decorations each year.

Kramer said the city already owns 28 wreath decorations that have been displayed in the past on downtown light poles. He said the city will continue to use these.

"We typically install these right after the Veterans Day Parade," he said.

Kramer suggested focusing on the light poles on Delaware Street for any new decorations this year.

The examples provided by Kramer included lighted decorations in the shapes of bells, candles and shooting stars.

"They're LED lights so they would last for a very long time," he said.

He said each decoration costs between $350 and $400. He said it would cost about $20,000 to purchase decorations for all of Delaware Street in the downtown area.

Commissioner Charles Raney said he would like to see a variety of decoration designs on Delaware Street.

Commissioner Lisa Weakley said she likes to see consistency. She suggested choosing decorations of similar sizes.

Kramer asked if there were any designs that commissioners did not like.

"I think they all look pretty good," Mayor Nancy Bauder said.

Also Tuesday, commissioners discussed dates for public meetings regarding needed stormwater repairs and proposals for paying for the projects.

One funding option that has been discussed is a monthly fee that would appear on water bills. Another option that has been discussed are fees that would be included as part of annual property tax statements.

Bauder said she already has talked to quite a few people about the issue.

"Nobody wants it on their taxes," she said.

But the mayor said she is interested in seeing more public input.

Commissioners settled on scheduling a Sept. 28 public meeting at the Riverfront Community Center and another meeting on Oct. 26 at Leavenworth Fire Station No. 1.

Public Works Director Mike McDonald said the start times for the meetings have not yet been determined.

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