The sounds of drums could be heard in the halls of Leavenworth public schools on Tuesday.

The sounds of drums could be heard in the halls of Leavenworth public schools on Tuesday.

Drummers from Richard Warren Middle School led the Pioneer Pride Patrol through each school building in the district.

Members of the Pioneer Pride Patrol presented grants to teachers. The innovative teacher grants were awarded through the Leavenworth Public Schools Education Foundation.

“We raised a lot of money and now we’re giving it back to teachers to use in the classroom,” Catey Edwards told a group of students at Warren Middle School.

Edwards is the director of the foundation.

Tuesday’s Pioneer Pride Patrol included members of the foundation’s Board of Directors as well as administrators from the school district. They traveled across the district in a school bus.

The Pioneer Pride Patrol has become an annual tradition in the school system. Edwards said the foundation has been awarding grants this way for about 15 years.

The foundation awarded more than 25 innovative teacher grants Tuesday totaling $55,399.

Edwards said the grant program is open to any staff member of the district. Grant applications for this year had to be turned in by the end of August. The applications were reviewed by a committee of foundation board members.

Teachers did not learn they had been awarded grants until they were notified Tuesday by the Pioneer Pride Patrol.

“We have kept this completely secret,” Edwards said.

The grant recipients were presented oversized checks and balloons.

Edwards said the grant recipients also will receive T-shirts featuring the foundation’s theme – “inspire.”

This year, two high school students, Meredith Roberts and Alise Boal, led the charge for one of the grants.

“They took it and ran,” Edwards said.

Edwards said the students collaborated with journalism teacher Sarah Weekley to obtain a grant called “Pushing Pioneer Journalism into the Future.”

The grant will pay for equipment for high school journalism students including a drone.

Other grants awarded Tuesday will pay for things such as a touring production of an anti-bullying program performed by high school students, a garden project at Anthony Elementary School and a districtwide student art show.

In addition to the innovative teacher grants, the Pioneer Pride Patrol made additional presentations to bring the total amount of money awarded Tuesday to $61,899.

The Lansing Educational Foundation will be making similar presentations with its own Pride Patrol next week in the Lansing public schools.

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