This spring’s graduation ceremony for Lansing High School will start later than usual.

This spring’s graduation ceremony for Lansing High School will start later than usual.

When they met Monday, members of the Lansing Board of Education were briefed on plans for rescheduling the time of the graduation for current seniors.

The graduation ceremony will still take place May 19. But it is being moved from 10:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Superintendent Darrel Stufflebeam said the graduation ceremony is being moved to avoid a conflict with the state finals for girls swimming.

“We are confident that some of our girls are going to be at the state swim meet,” Stufflebeam said.

According to information from Lansing High School Principal Steve Dike, there was a similar conflict two years ago that affected one student. But this year, six students could be affected.

The principal surveyed parents and students regarding the change to the graduation start time. Dike said he knows of no senior who would be unable to attend the graduation ceremony if it starts later in the day.

Leavenworth High School’s graduation ceremony also is scheduled May 19. In the past, the Leavenworth graduation ceremony has taken place in the evening. But this spring’s ceremony will be taking place earlier in the day, according to Jake Potter, spokesman for the Leavenworth public schools.

Also Monday, Lansing Board of Education members discussed a recent Kansas Supreme Court ruling that found the state’s school funding formula to be in violation of the state Constitution.

Stufflebeam said the ruling impacts plans for moving fourth- and fifth-grade classes to the former Lansing Middle School building at 509 Ida St.

“It makes planning a little more difficult,” the superintendent said.

But he said school officials are moving forward with the planning. If the plans are approved, the grades would not be moved to the former middle school building until next year.

Stufflebeam said knowing what the budget will be makes it easier to plan. But the court’s recent decision creates uncertainty about the budget.

Also Monday, board members voted to refund, or refinance, school bonds. Stufflebeam said this action should save the school district about $223,000 in interest payments.

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