Enrollment for the Leavenworth school district is down 41 students from the previous school year.

Enrollment for the Leavenworth school district is down 41 students from the previous school year.

Amy Sloan, executive director of human resources and support services for Leavenworth public schools, provided an update about the district’s enrollment Wednesday during a meeting of the Leavenworth Board of Education.

The total head count for the current school year is 3,832.

While enrollment is down this year, Sloan noted there had been an increase of 32 students last year.

Richard Warren Middle School has seen the largest increase in enrollment this year among the district’s schools. The enrollment at the middle school is 716. That is an increase of 36 students from the previous year.

Leavenworth High School has had the largest decrease in enrollment this year. The school’s enrollment is 1,338, which is a decrease of 46 students from the previous year.

Sloan said the high school had a large graduating class last year.

Sloan reviewed the average class sizes at the district’s four elementary schools. She noted that Henry Leavenworth Elementary School has an average kindergarten class size of 24 students. She said this is high, but the school has no additional classroom space.

The school currently has four kindergarten classes.

Sloan said Henry Leavenworth Elementary School has two teacher aides for the kindergarten classes. Each class has a teacher aide for half a day.

“Twenty-four kindergarteners is still too many,” board member Loyal Torkelson said.

Torkelson said he believes a kindergarten class should not have more than 15 students.

The other three elementary schools in the district have average kindergarten class sizes ranging from 15 to 18 students.

Board member Verna Raines expressed concern about each kindergarten classroom at Henry Leavenworth not having a teacher aide for the entire school day. She said having an extra adult in the classroom makes a difference.

Board President Mike Carney asked if staff members can run numbers for the cost of adding student aide positions at the school.

Carney said a stand-alone kindergarten center previously had been discussed as part of a school boundary plan.

Sloan said this issue is still being discussed.

School officials currently are studying the possibility of a school bond issue.

Superintendent Mike Roth said Wednesday that representatives of the architectural and engineering firm DRL Group have been meeting with various staff members of the school district as well as members of the community.

“There’s been lots of good discussion,” Roth said.

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