Larry Kenemore Jr. is the CEO of Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation. In this Q5, he talks about the company's commitment to clean water.

Larry Kenemore Jr. is the CEO of Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation. In this Q5, he talks about the company’s commitment to clean water.

1. Larry, what is Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation? Who founded it and how long has it been in operation? How long have you been the CEO?
A company that has invented a small bottle that fits inside your medicine cabinet that holds 60 pharmaceuticals-OTC medication-vitamins and safely destroys them in the bottle. 
The bottle when returned is burned to generate electricity safely. It was founded by Kevin and Kim Walker.  Kim is an international tax lawyer in California and Kevin is in music and recording. They are passionate about our environment and our polluted drinking water.  It has been incorporated since 2014.  I have been the CEO for 18 months. I am also the inventor of the product and hold the patent and trademarks.

2. How was your company honored recently and what is the SCORE network?
We won the 2017 Outstanding Green Business Award from SBA/SCORE. We received a trophy, a film produced by SCORE about us and what we are about and the link is SCORE Produced Video LINK.   SCORE is a network of retired executives that mentor startup operations for free.

3. How does the company protect people’s drinking water and why is this one of the most important things people should be concerned about for their families’ health?
Your drinking water (every city in the United States) is polluted with a minimum of 50 Pharmaceuticals, OTC medication-vitamins.  They are not regulated by the EPA or the government because there is no known process to remove them.  Our company contracts with complete cities to place a bottle in every home.  The bottles are barcoded to an address/location so that when returned we weigh it and create a database of the actual items destroyed by street-area-city-county.  If you go to our website you will see a number of videos from the EPA showing what is in your drinking water and why you should be concerned.  See the Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation website.

4. How has Leavenworth resident, Rick Dickerson, who is vice president of operations at the company, helped Stat-Medicament-Disposal Corporation to become Outstanding Green Business of the Year?
Rick Dickerson has been involved with me in research and development since 2008 when I started on this journey of recycling.  He has supported me in so many ways over the years I could not even count.  He continues to offer input advice and direction for the company with his years of business experience.  He has set up the complete outline and equipment for the bottling operations using special needs individuals.

5. What are the most satisfying and rewarding things for you in heading a company that is contributing greatly to helping our environment and health?
In the video that SCORE produced for us I said "I am concerned about the future of our children and grandchildren and it is the ultimate childrens’ issue today.  Just think, every child in America today is drinking blood pressure medications, Tylenol, morphine etc.  Even bottled water contains these items as I said there is no known process to remove them so if anyone tells you they have pure water, ask the question Rick and I did starting back in 2009 "What does that mean?"
— Rimsie McConiga