When they met Monday, Leavenworth County commissioners voted to offer a new employment agreement to the county administrator.

When they met Monday, Leavenworth County commissioners voted to offer a new employment agreement to the county administrator.

County Administrator Mark Loughry, who is currently working under an old contract, did not say Monday if he would agree to the new terms that are being offered.

“I need to think about it,” he said.

The agreement being offered does not include severance terms, which means Loughry could be terminated at will under the same conditions as other employees who do not have a contract. Next year, commissioners would offer him a one-year contract with a severance clause if they feel his work has been satisfactory.

Loughry began working for the county in January as a financial administrator.

In May, commissioners voted to change his job title to county administrator. But he has continued to work under a contract that was approved for him in the position of financial administrator.

The existing contract is a three-year contract that is not set to expire until February 2020. The existing contract also includes severance terms.

For Monday’s meeting, commissioners were provided a proposed new one-year contract for Loughry. Under that contract, Loughry would have been paid an annual salary of $140,000. He also would receive an annual phone stipend of $1,236.

Under the contract proposed, Loughry would have the option of using a county-owned vehicle for his duties or receive a stipend totaling $5,400 per year for using his own vehicle.

A motion to approve the one-year contract as it initially was proposed failed with a 1-2 vote. Commissioners Bob Holland and Louis Klemp voted against the motion.

Holland later noted that the position of county administrator previously was voted down by taxpayers.

Klemp said he could not vote Monday to approve a contract for Loughry. But Klemp said he would swear on a Bible that he will vote to approve a contract in one year if Loughry does an efficient job in the meantime.

“I would like for you to prove yourself Mark,” Klemp said.

Klemp asked if there could be a motion to reflect what he was proposing.

Acting County Counselor David Van Parys said commissioners could make a motion to offer Loughry the new employment terms without the severance provision. Van Parys said the terms would include a provision that Loughry would be offered a subsequent one-year contract with severance conditions if commissioners determine on Oct. 23, 2018, that the county administrator’s performance has been satisfactory.

Klemp made a motion to approve the modified employment terms.

This motion passed 2-1 with Holland voting against it.

Loughry said he needed to think about the offer because it is a significant change from what had been proposed.

Loughry said he either will sign the new agreement or continue to operate under the terms of his old contract.

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