The Leavenworth County Commission has voted to fire the county’s human resources director and two county counselors.

Commissioner Doug Smith and Commissioner Louis Klemp voted in favor of Klemp’s motion, while Commissioner Bob Holland voted against it.

The commission’s decision is effective immediately.

Human Resources Director Tamara Copeland, County Counselor Mollie Hill and Deputy County Counselor Andrea Hughes were fired.

The county had earlier asked for a court’s judgment as to whether their contracts were binding.

Copeland, Hill and Hughes filed counter claims against the county.

Holland said Copeland’s firing is for “no cause” and is “pure retaliation.”

He said the action is “an attempt to silence Ms. Copeland.”

Holland said this is a “huge loss to this county.”

Holland said the action is a “personal vendetta” against Copeland and the two county counselors.

“This action will be costly to the county due to the pending litigation, and the county will suffer dearly for the actions of these two commissioners,” Holland said.

Prior to the commission’s vote on the firing of Copeland and the two county counselors, Klemp made a motion to fire those three people as well as County Administrator Mark Loughry.

“They are suing us with our money,” Klemp said.

Holland said the commission would be making “a big mistake if you do this.”

Klemp voted to fire the four people, while Smith and Holland voted against the measure.

Klemp then made another motion to fire only Copeland and the two county counselors and not Loughry.

That measure was approved with Klemp and Smith voting for it and Holland voting against it.

Smith said he did not know why contracts were given to Copeland, Hill and Hughes in the first place.

“I support one contract and that’s thecounty administrator,” he said.

“It’s time for Leavenworth County to get on with governing the county,” Smith said.

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