When they met Monday, Leavenworth County Commissioners gave the go-ahead for multiple road projects.

When they met Monday, Leavenworth County Commissioners gave the go-ahead for multiple road projects.

Public Works Director Dave Lutgen provided commissioners with a list of 15 projects for paving sections of gravel roadways.

He said the county has already started working on seven of the projects. He asked for permission to proceed with all of the projects on the list.

Monday’s request was a followup to an Oct. 26 work session of the County Commission. During the work session, commissioners discussed road projects that may be funded with revenue generated from a sales tax. Commissioners already were committed to using sales tax revenue to pay for improvements to sections of 147th Street, McIntyre Road and Eisenhower Road.

Lutgen said the 15 additional projects presented to commissioners Monday can be funded with revenue from the sales tax as well as money from road improvement fees. He said road improvement fees are collected when people obtain building permits.

He said the projects were selected based on traffic counts conducted in 2016.

The seven projects that already are being worked on by the county are 182nd Street between State Avenue and Evans Road, 150th Street north Woodend Road, McIntyre Road between 159th and 170th streets, 251st Street north of Parallel Road, Stillwell Road between 158th and 170th streets, 179th Street north of Leavenworth Road, and Hollingsworth Road between 147th and 155th streets.

Commission Chairman Doug Smith inquired about the property acquisition efforts for the 182nd Street project.

Lutgen said some of the affected property owners have donated the necessary easements. But he said the county still needs to acquire land from five parcels.

“We’ve asked for a donation at this point,” he said.

If other acquisition efforts fail, the county could proceed with condemnation, or eminent domain, after the first of the year, he said.

The eight new projects that appear on the list are 235th Street between Hollingsworth and Dempsey roads, 163rd Street between Leavenworth and Hollingsworth roads, 166th Street between Kansas 32 Highway and Metro Avenue, 214th Street between Evans Road and Kansas Avenue, 171st Street between Parallel and Leavenworth roads, Stranger Road between 195th Street and Jarbalo Road, Leavenworth Road between 219th and 223rd streets, and 223rd Street between Mitchell and Leavenworth roads.

The three county commissioners voted unanimously to give authorization to proceed with the projects.

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