When they met Tuesday, Leavenworth city commissioners discussed possible smoking regulations for city parks.

When they met Tuesday, Leavenworth city commissioners discussed possible smoking regulations for city parks.

No action was taken during Tuesday's meeting, which was a study session.

But City Manager Paul Kramer said there seems to be a desire among commissioners to enact some sort of regulation. He said the issue will be brought to commissioners.

Parks and Recreation Director Steve Grant said people have expressed concern about others smoking in proximity to them and their children.

"Recently, we've had some inquiries regarding smoking in our parks and public places,"

Grant said.

He said the city currently has no regulations that restrict smoking in outdoor public areas.

For a policy report, Grant suggested commissioners could make no changes, restrict smoking in parks to specific areas, make parks smoke free or make parks free of all tobacco products.

Commissioner Larry Dedeke said he would support designating smoking areas within parks.

"We have to represent all of the people in the city of Leavenworth," he said.

Dedeke said commissioners cannot represent only non-smokers.

Commissioner Nancy Bauder also expressed support for establishing designated smoking areas, which she suggested should be away from playgrounds.

"Just have it out of the way," she said.

Mayor Pro-Tem Jermaine Wilson also expressed support for designated smoking areas.

Commissioner Mike Griswold said he is in favor of more discussion about the issue. He supports designated smoking areas at a minimum. But he said there are good things to say about tobacco free parks.

Mayor Mark Preisinger said he favors prohibiting smoking in certain areas of parks rather than setting up specific smoking areas.

He suggested people can be prohibited from smoking around bleachers and playground equipment.

Preisinger said he believes both sides would be amenable to no smoking areas instead of having a small section of a park set aside for smoking.

Grant said signs concerning smoking restrictions could be placed at entrances to parks.

Kramer said commissioners seem to want to do something. He said there does not seem to be a consensus for the status quo or for completely eliminating smoking from parks.

"I think we can find a happy medium and make it work for all citizens," Grant said.

Leavenworth Police Chief Pat Kitchens said any regulation that is enacted must be clear to the officers who will have to enforce it.

"The officers' guidance has to be crystal clear," he said.

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