To the editor:

The Leavenworth County Board of County Commissioners is about to spend $8 million on a two-mile stretch of road to connect K-7 to K-5. They are over-improving the road at the behest of Lansing City Council members and the Lansing mayor. 

Leavenworth County voters approved a sales tax increase for unspecified “improvements” to McIntyre Road, along with two other roads in the county. Behind closed doors, the Leavenworth BOCC decided to make McIntyre Road an “arterial road” with a 45 mph speed limit and six-foot shoulders. The residents of McIntyre Road were left out of the discussion until after the decision was made, and then our concerns were ignored. We have since been made aware of a letter sent to the BOCC by Lansing City Council members pushing them to make this “arterial road” designation. I have a copy of that letter in my possession. 

There’s something shady going on between the Lansing City Council and the Leavenworth BOCC. The more people in Leavenworth County are made aware of this the better.