To the editor:

Regarding the opinion piece titled “Part of the solution or part of the problem,” Linda Johnson, in her normal scattered fashion, takes up the cause of her liberal left and make numerous false statements and insinuations about the military, Department of the Army civilians and military contractors.

First, the “typical pay” of military contractors is nowhere near as high as $80,000 to $90,000 a year. Granted, many military contractors are retired career military officers, but many are former officers, enlisted, military spouses or people who never served in the military. Some military contractors eventually become civilian government workers but it would be extremely rare for someone who has earned a military and/or civilian government retirement to then take the sizable pay and benefit cut to become a contractor.

The supposed access to “almost free health care” was actually paid in advance with sweat and blood in delightful places such as Vietnam, Iraq or Afghanistan. The access to supposed “low-cost purchasing of food and other goods at the PX” is a figment of her imagination. The prices at Wal-Mart, Dillons or Price Chopper will usually beat them any day.

And no Department of the Army civilian, VA employee or military contractor gets “free stand-by airline flights.”

It’s typical for lefties like Linda to take hateful swipes at the military. But that’s OK because if you also hate Trump, Brownback and any and all Republican legislators, there are always plenty of opportunities to become columnists for the Leavenworth Times.