To the editor:

The time is now to start voting. Early voting begins this week. You can apply for a ballot to be sent to you or you can stop by the Leavenworth County Courthouse and vote there. The right to vote for who we put in charge of us is the most important right we have because a bad government can take away all our other rights. 

If you have a candidate that you know well and shares your goals and values, then maybe vote for a known quality in office over an unknown. However, if you don’t know the candidates well, then you need to vote for the party. In the end, everything comes down to which party is in control and what they will do while in control.

If you want more illegal aliens to take our jobs and add more crime to our streets and homes, then follow the Democrats. If you want your vote cancelled out in this election and future elections, then don’t demand proof of citizenship or IDs to vote. If you want the progressive minority telling you who you have to share your bathroom with, then vote for the Democrats. If you want known international terrorists to be brought to Kansas, then vote Democrat. If you want your basic right to bear arms to be done away with, then put Hillary and the Democrats in charge. If you want this to not be a Christian nation with Christian values, then vote Democrat. Remember Obama saying we weren’t a Christian nation? If you want thousands of babies killed each year, then you will want to continue to support the Democrats and Planned Parenthood. If you want to pay more taxes for six-figure school administrators, then the Democrats will be more than happy to raise your taxes even more while not providing our children a better education. If these are your values, then vote Democrat. If not, then you have only one other choice.

This election is a critical turning point for our state and our nation. I am not sure we can survive another four years of progressive/socialist policies coming out of Washington. The federal government is not our friend and we must always continue to restrain it from becoming bigger than the American people. 

Don’t stay home this election. I beg you to participate in determining our country’s future by voting between now and Nov. 8. It may be our last chance.