For years, there has always been an ongoing feud between generations about what respect really is. The only reason this is on my mind is because there has been a clip from Dr. Phil going around with a 13-year-old girl telling her mom that if she “caught her outside” she would fight her.

On the full episode, they attempted to address the young girls’ behavior but mostly focused on the way she talked. So it really wasn’t so much the fact that she wanted to fight her own mother, but the way she said it. 

Why do folks take their hat off when they enter a building? Or how come whenever someone wears baggy jeans or sags their pants, they’re told to pull them up? Just like the girl mentioned above, the wrong things are probably being over-analyzed. I would really like to know if someone sagging their pants has ever personally offended someone. Maybe it’s just me, but when I see someone wearing a hat inside, or baggy jeans, I just go on with my day. Even though it might not look right to some people, it really doesn’t affect my mood. 

Now, I understand that dressing appropriate is just human decency and some people deem it necessary. However, in a world where students cuss out their teachers, steal from their parents, and completely disregard authority, someone’s appearance should be the least of your worries. The boy who sags his pants could be a true gentleman, and the kid wearing a hat inside might have just forgotten to take it off. 

I truly believe that kids just have a wrong idea about what respect is. We’re constantly in a sheltered, safe, judgement-free environment, aka school. When kids aren’t being exposed to judgement or critiques, they’re obviously going to get offended when someone tells them that they’re doing something wrong.

Katie Heckman is a senior at Pleasant Ridge High School.