While in school, my sixth-grade assignment was to report about a completely mundane historical period. So I took narrative license and created an exciting story filled with jousting, sword fighting and all sorts of cool stuff. Unfortunately, my teacher had no appreciation for historical fiction. Oh well, at least I discovered that by combining historical fact and creativity makes for great recreational reading. It’s a time to put your feet up and become immersed in another world. Reading is an excellent source of entertainment. 

Leonardo Noto’s “The Life of a Colonial Fugitive” is a wonderfully written and quite entertaining book. An author’s mark of excellence is captivating the reader and making them thirst for more at the conclusion of the story. Noto completely succeeds in leaving the reader wanting more and wondering what could happen next. That is the mark of genius writing. This thoroughly researched, Revolutionary War period fiction novel will capitate historians and anyone with a casual understanding of that era. What makes this novel so unique is the historically accurate interaction between the American colonies and the Native Americans. Of further interest is the global perspective of the story. Leonardo Noto’s travels to Asia coupled with historical precision makes for a fascinating Revolutionary War story.  Additionally, the author traveled to various Revolutionary War sites such as Fort Stanwix located in Rome, New York, to terrain walk and personally gain insight into a historically significant time. This captivating book should be made into a Hollywood movie.  

Another noteworthy book written by Leonard Noto is “The Cannabinoid Hypothesis.” Hang on, it is a thriller. While reading it on an overnight coast to coast flight, I found myself glancing over my shoulders for reassurance. “The Cannabinoid Hypothesis” and “The Life of a Colonial Fugitive” are available online from Amazon.

An interesting fact is Leonardo Noto has a Leavenworth, Kansas, connection. He lived in Leavenworth for a few years in the early 1990s before leaving for college and medical school. He is a former Army battalion surgeon with the 82nd Airborne Division and now practices private medicine. Like the best-selling author Michael Crichton, who also was an author-physician, Leonardo Noto has a bright writing future.  

This is my final column and I would like to thank Managing Editor Mark Rountree for providing me an opportunity to write about the many interesting events in our area. I also thank my lovely wife, Cindy, and our readers for your support and encouragement. Take care.

Stephen G. Noble is local musician who writes for multiple national publications. Like him on Facebook at Penny Black Band, Leavenworth.