To the editor:

Are some persons thin-skinned in this area? Must they demean another person’s beliefs and rhetoric? Did former Secretary Clinton lose because of the DNC getting hacked? Secretary Clinton lost the election because President Trump won the election under the process we use to accomplish that procedure. 

Some persons claim the reason that Secretary Clinton won the popular vote was because of voter fraud. I do not have the answers to that issue but give this administration a chance. It seems to me that whatever fault occurs, the ban, failed mission in Yemen, etc., it was the previous administration’s fault. This administration excuses their faults by pointing fingers away from them. There is nothing wrong with making mistakes but if they continue to make glaring mistakes and not take responsibility they will find that those that elected them may have a different view of their administration when the next election occurs.  

In today’s world, when you say something on live television and/or radio it is hard to disown the statement. President Trump and his administration need to be straight forward and honest or they will find that the American people will reject them.