To the editor:

When my family first moved to Leavenworth, my husband and I assumed that the county was dominated more by Republicans than it was by Democrats because of all the letters in the paper from them, so we were amazed at the number of Democrats who showed up to the 2016 Caucus.

According the Kansas Office of the Secretary of State for August 2015, there were 12,371 Democrats registered in Leavenworth County, and 17,789 Republicans, a mere difference of 5,418 people, which is important to note in a heavily Republican state.

With as much machismo and bluster used by most Republicans who write letters to the editor, I assumed their numbers must be at least double that of the Democratic voters to warrant that much braggadocio.

While Republicans did grow by 1,546 voters compared to July 2010, and while the Democrats lost 867 voters in that time, a more telling number comes from those who declared themselves “unaffiliated.” Their numbers grew to 16,460 for the 2016 election, rivaling Republican numbers with an increase of 2,337 compared to 2010.

While Leavenworth Republicans might pat themselves on the back over the fact that their party grew, they should seriously consider why so many of the more than 3,000 people who have moved into the county have registered as unaffiliated.

While I register as unaffiliated, I do so because I like to keep an open mind and have actually been known to vote for the occasional Republican who seems to have her head on straight.

How many of the unaffiliated are like me, more liberal than conservative, but who don’t like Kansas or national politics enough to take party sides?

Given the rude language used to belittle Democrats by so many vocal Republicans who write to the newspaper, I wouldn’t be surprised if there are a lot more unaffiliated liberals out there.