To the editor:

Since the election of President Trump, I’ve seen a couple of things I’ve never seen before.

First, as soon as he took office, President Trump immediately began pursuing the policy changes and other initiatives he promised during his campaign with a vigor and perseverance I’ve never witnessed by anyone elected to public office. This man is delivering on his promises to the American people at light speed. Trump, the workaholic that he is, has become a whirlwind. He’s pursuing his promises with a vitality and energy I’ve never seen from any elected official before. 

It has become crystal clear that he not only made promises to the American people, he fully intended to deliver on them, and without delay. How different, and refreshing.

Second, I’ve never seen such a total and stunning turnaround in the business and economic sectors of this country. I’m not talking about just the market indexes, which skyrocketed immediately after the election. I’m talking about the stunning changes most people wouldn’t have knowledge enough to note.

There has been an astounding flood of investment money flowing from safe-haven parking slots to the aggressive investment markets. Bond money has flowed into stocks at an amazing rate, and in stunning quantities. This will give companies the R & D money to innovate, to vastly expand their businesses and create jobs as well. Many companies planning to move operations overseas have now changed plans and intend to expand in the U.S., keeping and creating jobs in this country. Foreign companies are expanding their businesses here also. 

Everywhere I look in the financial journals, I see highly positive changes in our business health coming about, and positive changes to various economic indicators. The number of these items reported now is absolutely incredible. It has become quite obvious that the election of Trump has changed the entire business climate of this country. Businesses now know they won’t be regulated and taxed into extinction, and that the U.S. now has a business-friendly atmosphere in which to operate, an exact turnaround from the Obama days when they were afraid to operate in the U.S. at all.

It’s amazing what one election can do for a country’s economic outlook and the standard of living of its people.