To the editor:

I have only a public high school education along with the common sense God gave me. I always wonder if some of the Republican contributors are just computer nerds who get all their fake news off of websites. I’m a proud, registered Democrat. I won’t go low and call my other patriotic citizens mentally ill, dumb, insane and ignorant terrorists like our dear ole Mr. Maduska has. Instead of slamming one another, can’t we start reaching out and work together on subjects that we can both agree on?

All parties are not totally evil or totally good. This logic is ridiculous. I’ll give you the respect for your opinions but I expect in return your respect for mine. You are not the only normal people residing here. I’m sure there are plenty of civic-minded Democrats that help in our communities. As far as I know doctors, public servants, police, firemen, teachers and soldiers aren’t only Republicans.

I’ll try to explain why it is hard for me to give Trump a chance. I want to hold him and his administration accountable. They all make statements that contradict one another. It’s like nobody has a clue what is actually going on. I’m in fear Trump’s threats or rudeness to others will make more enemies and cause others to lose faith in us. 

One of his campaign promises I was interested in was negotiating prices with drug companies. During his campaign he claimed pharmaceutical companies were getting away with murder because they had a lot of lobbyists and a lot of power. He bragged about going to save $300 billion. 

In 2003 Congress passed a bill banning Medicare and Medicaid negotiating directly with drug companies. Before taking the oath of office Trump met with all the billionaire pharmaceutical execs. After their meeting Trump states it’s not the drug companies’ fault for the price you pay for drugs. 

I have no confidence in him fulfilling any promises except benefiting him and his billionaire friends. The first thing his Congress tried to do was get rid of regulations. Those regulations are there for our protection. Removing regulations only benefits his billionaire cronies. So do you see a pattern here?  

His propaganda portrays all of us as struggling individuals in a stark environment and only he can save us. He can never give a straight answer to anything that’s asked of him. This is the same person who bragged that he’s smarter than all the generals and he knows more than they do. 

We’ll never see his tax returns because it would show all his bankruptcies and that he never paid any taxes. He acts like a dictator with a capitalist economy. He wants to control business and labor subject to strict governmental control where opposition is not permitted. We are told to shut up, grow up and submit to his authority. Doesn’t sound much like a democracy to me. If you are not a winner (rich and powerful) Trump holds you in contempt for being weak. We are the losers in his world.