To the editor:

I am appalled at the lack of sensitivity and professionalism Sen. Steve Fitzgerald displayed in his response to Planned Parenthood Great Plains after a donation was made in his name without his consent. 

There are so many ways that he could have responded politely and professionally while expressing the fact that he does not support the policies of Planned Parenthood. Instead he chose to invoke the Republican/Trump/Bannon-Miller implied support of anti-Semitism by referencing Dachau and images of dead Jews. 

I’ve been to Dachau and its satellite camp of Flossenberg many times while on work-related trips to Bavaria. I was lucky. I was able to walk out afterwards, unlike numerous relatives who only had one-way tickets into the camps and never returned. This is not a subject to be tossed about lightly and again, I am appalled at Sen. Fitzgerald’s casual reference to Dachau and his later defense of his statement.

Sen. Fitzgerald, I agree that you as an individual have the right to express yourself within reason any way you wish in regards to any topic that you feel strongly about. However, when you chose to respond to Planned Parenthood Great Plains on official state letterhead and use your signature block, you responded as my senator, forgetting that you represent all constituents in your district whether you agree with their stands or not. 

As such, I strongly feel that you owe Planned Parenthood Great Plains and all your constituents an apology for using your position as a state senator to lambast Planned Parenthood from your official position based on your personal beliefs.