Happy St. Patrick’s Day – the day after. Did you celebrate? Cook anything Irish or green? Maybe change your name for the day to something Irish sounding?

When my kids were little, we would have green scrambled eggs for breakfast. At first they didn’t want to eat them. Let’s face it, green eggs look kind of gross. It wasn’t until I showed them I mixed food coloring with the eggs to make them green that they ate them. Then all was good.

The traditional meal at our house was, and still is, corned beef, cabbage, carrots and potatoes. They weren’t always happy about the corned beef or the cabbage. Cabbage is one of those things you either love or not. Corned beef looks a little weird. They usually had a bite or two of the corned beef and usually ended up just eating carrots and potatoes.

Now it’s a different story. They eat it all like a gang of ravenous raccoons.

Oh, we had green Jello, green cupcakes and sometimes green bread. They didn’t seem to mind those things being green.

The other tradition was to make sure we had something green on as to not get pinched. Green underwear doesn’t count. It has to be something visible. If not, I’m going to pinch you. Sometimes they would be besides themselves with having to wear something green as it might not be someone’s favorite color. I would have to say, “Stop whining and put on this green shirt or I’m going to pinch you.” That usually got their attention.

Whatever you did yesterday, I hope you enjoyed yourself. I hope it was festive and that you made some memories. St. Patrick’s Day doesn’t have to be about drinking. It can be about family.

April Pedersen is the mother of three children and grandmother of two. She lives in Lansing.