I’m the type of person who has to constantly be on the go. Not having anything to do makes me antsy, so I find myself constantly doing something. Between school work, theatrical productions, clubs after school and responsibilities at home, I stay pretty busy. A lot of my friends and peers are in the same boat. Most of my friends are in at least one AP course, belong to a few clubs, many have jobs outside of school and strive for absolute perfection in every aspect of their life. 

A good portion of the pressure we feel is put on by ourselves. We’re constantly trying to live up to our own standards of perfection. Parents and teachers are always telling us to get some rest, let our minds shut off for a little bit, but we just can’t seem to listen. 

While it’s important to have goals and to be active, it’s just as important to let yourself know that it’s OK to take a break. It’s OK to let yourself take a breath. There’s nothing wrong with not having anything to do for a day or two, and it’s OK to take some of your lighter responsibilities lightly. It’s not possible for a person to throw their whole self into multiple things at once, and that is perfectly fine. 

So all of you busybodies need to sit back and put something off for once. Relax, at least try to get that eight hours of sleep you know you need. Go to a park and enjoy yourself. Spend an hour or two mindlessly watching TV. Do something for yourself that you don’t have to do. Don’t keep running until you end up on empty. Give your body and brain a little bit of time to fill back up. 

You’ll be grateful that you did.

Phoebe Haganey is a senior at Leavenworth High School.