If you are like me, you just got out of high school and are at that stage in your life when you have to ask yourself “so what now?” Asking yourself this question can be really scary, but here are some tips to ease a little of the pressure. 

Asking yourself “what now” only means that you have the opportunity to take whatever road you want to. There is so much pressure put on kids to do the right thing, make the best choices, and get a good job. However, no one will ever tell you that you need to focus on yourself before you can figure anything else out. 

Before you move out and make your own choices, you have to be comfortable in your own skin, that way when faced with “real world” problems, you can handle them like an adult. I think the hardest part of leaving high school is dealing with other adults, because for so long we’ve been surrounded by other teenagers. 

It is important for teenagers to be optimistic when entering the “real world,” but it is also important that adults seek to help teenagers find the right path. Growing up is scary, but being misguided, or given high standards makes it even worse. We’re always pressured to do what our parents or friends want us to do, but we never really think about how things will be in the long run. 

Although we need guidance in our lives, we should always remember that our lives are to be lived the way we want it to. When you ask yourself “so what now?” don’t feel obligated to have every minute detail figured out because, no one has everything figured out, especially at 18 years old.

Katie Heckman is a senior at Leavenworth High School.