To the editor:

Without much fanfare or notice in the liberal media, last week the Kansas Legislature overturned Gov. Brownback’s veto of the largest tax increase in Kansas history. The liberals are ecstatic over the governor’s reversal and the new money they will now have to spend. They never have seen a tax increase they didn’t like.

With a new $1.2 billion now available, they will be able to pay for all their pet projects and increase an already misused education budget. Instead of fixing the education problems, they will just throw more money at buildings and administration, leaving our teachers and kids with little to improve their education.

So, dear Kansas taxpayer, you should now look forward to your taxes increasing considerably, retroactive to Jan. 1. This is what you get for voting for liberal state representatives last November. We tried to tell you they would raise your taxes but they never claimed they would ... until they got elected. All of us will have to live with these new taxes until next year, when you will again have an opportunity to vote for responsible government by electing those that want to cut spending and reduce taxes.

Just remember when you see your Kansas tax bill next April who is responsible for it and who should not be reelected next year: Debbie Deere, Jeff Pittman and Jim Karleskint, your Leavenworth County representatives who just put their hands in your wallet. You will then find out how much is missing.