There is a point in almost every young adult’s life when they realize that the world is not as pure and good-natured as told in stories. Many times this switch happens in high school, but it can also happen when these young adults enter the roller coaster that is adulthood. 

I’ve talked about entering adulthood before, and how it takes a toll on people, but I like to expand on the topic with different perspectives so more people can understand, considering that not everyone has the same childhood or grows up privileged. 

Years ago, some kids were forced to grow up at a young age. This could be caused from lack of parenting, heavy responsibilities or traumatic events. Being forced to grow up quickly, and at a young age, isn’t something that only older generations experience. 

However, what I’m seeing now is more and more kids maturing way sooner than normal. Kids are learning more about things like terrorism and crime online before their parents can even explain it to them. This causes kids to be scared of the real world before they even have a chance to experience it. 

What almost every kid has now that people didn’t have just 10 years ago is a vast amount of information at their fingertips, accessible at any time of the day. Kids are experiencing things online rather than in person.

It’s just not realistic to take your kids on vacations all the time or constantly keep them entertained, especially during the summer. I really don’t know how to slow down the inevitable fate of adulthood, except to take care of your needs first. We live in an “I’ll do it tomorrow” society, but when it comes to the rest of your life (or your child’s life), experiencing things first-hand can give you important life skills and make facing challenges and everyday realities less scary. 

Katie Heckman is a recent graduate of Pleasant Ridge High School.