To the editor:

In today’s poisonous political atmosphere, the left, including the main-stream newspapers and TV pundits, plus all Democrats in Congress, some movie stars and so-called comedians, and even a few Never-Trumpers like John McCain, join in a constant attack against President Trump, his family, his agenda and Republicans in general.

We have seen numerous allegations and accusations about Trump’s campaign, such as the current one against Donald Trump Jr., which tries to somehow expand a 20-minute meeting with some Russian lady into a major episode of collusion between Trump and the Russians. Special prosecutor Robert Mueller is said to be about to investigate it.  

Both the House and Senate have had one or more committees investigating alleged collusion since way before the inauguration, but no evidence has been found.

After many fruitless months, Democrats should tone down the rhetoric. The New York Times, which has printed countless accusations against Trump based on leaks from anonymous sources, should stop doing so. But of course, they won’t. Theirs is a noble crusade, or so they seem to believe.

I suspect some Americans have grown to like investigations, so may I suggest a new one? Let’s hire a special prosecutor to look into Hillary Clinton’s actions as secretary of state, during which several foreign countries either paid Bill Clinton enormous speaking fees or paid millions of dollars to the Clinton Foundation. These strongly resemble quid pro quo payments in exchange for State Department (Hillary Clinton) approvals. The purchase by the Russians of a large uranium ore company was one of them. The approval of warplane sales to Saudi Arabia was another. If you like investigations, you’ll love this one.

If I were president, I’d instruct Attorney General Sessions to convene a grand jury and turn over all of the Clinton email materials to them. See if they might want to prosecute her for mishandling classified information. This might give Trump an opportunity, if she’s eventually convicted, to gain favor with Democrats by pardoning her 40-year prison sentence.

I think it’s time to even things up, and a little hardball back toward the left seems fair. What goes around may come around.