To the editor:

Early voting has already started for the Leavenworth City Commission primary election. I and many of my neighbors to whom I’ve spoken will be voting for Myron (Mike) Griswold. Mike is an old friend and colleague who I’ve known for many years. He is a person of high integrity, honesty and intellect. 

Thirteen years ago, Mike was my boss on a project. What impressed me was his leadership ability and judgment to accomplish missions on short notice. He would use whatever time available to totally research the needs and requirements. He would also elicit the opinion of all who worked with and for him coming up with solutions which we all always thought were the smart move. In the very rare circumstance that Mike thought he had erred, he would be the first to admit it and then do whatever was necessary to fix it. 

Mike is not political. I know he will do whatever is best for our city and its residents. I’m voting for Mike not because he’s my friend, but because I think he’ll do a great job.