To the editor:

I lament the closing of Country Mart at 20th and Spruce streets. Their closeout sale was Wednesday.

As a customer there for many years, I have always been treated with politeness, helpful attention and friendliness by their staff. I thought the prices were reasonable and I’ve never had a problem with food I bought there. It’s in a convenient location for me and it’s always been easy to find what I want and get through the line quickly.

With thousands of items to be kept on the shelves, and kept fresh, a supermarket can’t be easy to run. From a customer’s standpoint, I thought their staff did a consistently excellent job. 

I don’t feel as bad about the store as I do about the many diligent people who were employed there. They seemed very nice. I hope they find good work elsewhere. 

From scuttlebutt which I can’t verify, the owners gave up on the store because there was some pending, very expensive repairs that needed to be done and was not due to bankruptcy. I also heard, again not verified, that they negotiated with buyers but couldn’t reach a deal. Regardless, I wish the owners had been able to sell and keep the store going. Too bad they haven’t made a greater effort to do so. Maybe something will turn up, but it doesn’t seem so.