To the editor:

It has been suggested to Jermaine Wilson, a candidate for the Leavenworth City Commission, many times by several people that he host a forum and make the facts of his incarceration known. Instead, it seems he and his supporters are rigorously concealing that information from voters.

Essentially, he’s begging voters to forgive him of a crime he won’t name, nor give any mitigating or aggravating details about.

This is bad judgment on his part. The cat is out of the bag and should be discussed openly. If voters are to support a felon for public office, they deserve to have pertinent facts. Wilson has been given plenty of time to do this but has squandered that opportunity.

Do he and his supporters think people can’t find out his crime? Does he think he can attend the public forums this fall and not face direct questions about this? Does he intend to skip those forums, or show up and refuse to answer such questions? Neither will satisfy the voters’ need for information they deserve to have before the election.

Wilson says he gained an expungement of his record. But that doesn’t represent a pardon, nor does it invoke innocence for that crime of which he was convicted.

Wilson’s refusal to reveal his past deeds has led to reckless speculation by the rumor mill. Some think his concealment of facts means he was convicted of a crime so heinous he dare not speak its name, and he’s being savaged with accusations of crimes more heinous than what he may have committed.

Wilson’s stubborn concealment of facts has set off a vicious rumor mill he needs to shut down if he’s to have any reputation left.

The only way to do that is his admission of facts concerning his three-year sentence. I’m certain the Times will give him ample space if that’s how he wishes to address this matter.

He should take advantage of the opportunity, and soon.