The leaves are churning and the wind brings an occasional chill to the air, but all I can hear is, “are you ready for some football?”

During the month of August, with the anticipation of football season fast approaching, everything began to revolve around getting things in order for the frenzy – digging out the appropriate jerseys and of course, fantasy football. Don’t even think, for even a second, it’s not real for these folks who are playing fantasy football. It’s so consuming, I’m beginning to think I’m co-owner of his “teams.”

While attending a recent wedding shower for a bride-to-be, we were asked to write some words of wisdom on an index card for a healthy relationship. My index card read, “Under no circumstances, don’t ever try to hold a conversation with him during a football game.”

If my guy thought he could get by with taping the remote control to his chest with ESPN plugged into the TV permanently, he would. It doesn’t matter which teams are playing, college or professional, he’s watching intently as though the last episode of “The Bachelor” is on and he has to hear every word or his whole world will shatter.

It’s basically been a one-sided conversation for the last umpteen years as he begins the season with fantasy football drafts, then moves onto watching football, then more football. Last year, I tried discussing other fall topics like planting a pumpkin patch because every grandparent needs one for their grandkids, right? He shut that down, like a personal foul, so this year I decided to take matters into my own hands, which began several months ago.

Although the spring months aren’t typically the time of year for pumpkin pie, I started making him one every other week. Every time I served it up with a big dollop of whipped cream he’d say, “I don’t know why we just limit this to the holidays, this is good stuff.” Yes, yes it is, I agreed, as I waited for just the right moment to introduce the package of pumpkin seeds for him to plant.

At this point in the “game,” after watching so many college and pro games, I actually enjoy watching them, too. There’s something special about watching grown men try to take each other out for a football. I even know the rules of the game enough to be able to shout, “that’s off-sides!” “facemask!” “first down!” and “touchdown!”

What’s really great about this football season is, in between watching the games on Thursday nights, Saturday, Sunday and Monday, we can also enjoy watching the progress of the pumpkin patch, which was happily planted after the fourth pumpkin pie.

The pumpkin picking party for the grandkids is planned, which will also double as a birthday party for the oldest granddaughter, so I figure I’m doing them all a favor by combining family functions.

They’ll be enough pumpkin pie for everyone.

Sandy Turner is a GateHouse Media columnist.