To the editor:

The things we go through in life prepare us for our purpose in life. In order to succeed in life, you must focus on what’s ahead of you and not what’s behind you. How can a community or a country unite when we focus on those things that divide us rather than unite us?

Recently, there was a disaster that took place in Texas. The Leavenworth community united and helped send trucks and trailers full of water, food, clothing, baby products and hygiene products to the Hurricane Harvey victims. We focused on meeting the needs of the people and we helped meet those needs as a community. When you focus on accomplishing goals and meeting the needs of people, you don’t allow the small things to distract you. 

My focus is on serving the people in our community and helping those in need. I will be addressing the public about my past convictions and my future goals for the city.

On Sept. 21, I will be sharing my testimony at the public forum at City Hall at 7 p.m. This public forum is by the League of Women Voters. I pray and hope that my story will inspire and bring hope to others who have not heard my testimony. God bless and always remember, together we can make a difference.

Editor’s note: Jermaine Wilson is a candidate for the Leavenworth City Commission.