Humans strive daily to make ethical decisions. Our actions when faced with major obstacles are believed to reveal our true character, but I think that character is measured on how we handle every day challenges, even when they are challenges in disguise. Whether we realize it or not, we are tested on our morality every single day. We fail to understand that every small action has an even bigger reaction. 

For example, for those of you who insist on leaving your shopping cart in the middle of a parking stall, it might be easier than taking it over to the cart return. However, someone could be needing a closer parking spot, but instead your basket is in the way. Or a gust of wind picks up and rolls it into someone’s car. 

Working with the public has taught me that the smallest gestures mean the most. Getting a decent tip is nice, but when someone cleans up their table for you before they leave or treats you with respect, it means so much more. There’s a difference between having good character or conduct and having good morals. 

Morality has a lot to do with good decision-making. Doing things for yourself is important, but you should also do stuff for the average person – every day. Being in a bad mood is no excuse to treat another person like garbage. I think that we are all born with the natural instinct to do good, but our surroundings and circumstances throughout our life alter the way we treat others. 

Doing good things daily is more important than one heroic act. Your good deed for the day could be nothing more than smiling at a stranger – or putting your shopping cart in the return stall. 

Katie Heckman is a freshman at Kansas City Kansas Community College.