To the editor:

We in Leavenworth have an opportunity to add to our city commission a fellow with knowledge, training and skills I believe would be truly inestimable. His name is Michael Bogner.

Mr. Bogner spent his 40-year professional life as an engineer, designing and implementing large public works projects. He holds degrees in two engineering specialties, including civil engineering. As an engineer, he would bring knowledge, analytical and problem-solving skills our city commission sorely needs. His extensive knowledge of public works projects, like those cities undertake, would be invaluable and would enhance the knowledge base of our city commission. He could easily tutor the other commissioners about the details and problems of such projects.

Mr. Bogner believes we need improved transparency by our city commission. He believes our citizens need to be informed constantly about the decisions of the commission and exactly why they were made. He wants our city commission to practice open, honest communication with our citizens and allow more citizen participation in major decisions.

Mr. Bogner believes our city commission needs to practice increased financial responsibility and to better prioritize our city expenditures. Mr. Bogner wants an environment where families can afford to live and work in Leavenworth. He believes in getting the most bang for the buck. He is strongly in favor of more support for public safety and infrastructure. Mr. Bogner recognizes the poor condition of our streets and other deteriorating infrastructure and wants those to draw increased priority. Being the brother of a retired FBI agent, Mr. Bogner is a strong supporter of law enforcement.

Mr. Bogner served on our city planning board for more than 10 years and has served on our Board of Zoning Appeals for eight years. He is presently its chairman. He also served on our city preservation board for more than eight years. Mr. Bogner knows our town and our citizens, and has served them well.

Mr. Bogner has absolutely stellar qualifications which place him far above the typical city commission candidate. Michael Bogner deserves your vote.