To the editor:

This letter is in response to the article in the Leavenworth Times on Sept. 27 titled “Homeless report requested by mayor pro-tem.”

I don’t understand Mayor Pro-Tem Mark Preisinger’s statement, “Whether it is real or perceived, it is an issue.”

Is the “it” referred to by Preisinger the homelessness in Leavenworth? If so, there’s no doubt it is real, not perceived. Ask those of us who volunteer at the Shelter of Hope and Welcome Central. 

Since I’m assuming Preisinger doesn’t volunteer at either of those places, I would think his encounter with someone sleeping on a mattress in a downtown parking lot might convince him.

Why all of a sudden is there a need for an official report about the homeless issue? It seems to me the city commissioners felt they already had sufficient evidence when, upon being presented with a detailed report by leaders in the Interfaith Community of Hope, they voted to provide city land for a new multipurpose building. This new building, which is nearing completion, will serve Leavenworth’s homeless community by housing the homeless shelter, existing now in the Catholic Charities building, Welcome Central, existing now in rented spaces, and a new day center.

You want creative solutions? It seems to me the leaders of the ICOH have been implementing creative solutions for a few years now. Ask the army of volunteers from 35 local churches who are committed to being part of the response to Leavenworth’s homeless issue.

The homeless shelter currently needs more volunteers. When the day center opens, volunteers will be needed to man it seven days a week. Perhaps Mayor Pro-Tem Preisinger and others who are concerned about the issue could spare a few hours a month to be part of these creative solutions.