To the editor:

It must suck to be a white male who feels privileged enough to tell other people what their rights are.

Byron Maduska’s most recent diatribe against Jermaine Wilson seems to clearly indicate he feels fully entitled to call Wilson a liar, even though, ironically, Maduska probably voted for our current Liar in Chief.

Maduska doubts Wilson’s information about being sentenced for possession of MDL with absolutely no proof whatsoever. FYI, a mandatory minimum sentence could be five years for possessing a controlled substance in the state of Kansas, even for a first offense.

Translation: being of color often doubles those sentences, so it is quite believable that Wilson served the three years he says he did. Furthermore, Maduska clearly has no idea what it is like to be a person of color in America, let alone Leavenworth.

Imagine this, Maduska: because you’re a minority daring to run for public office, you have been the subject of many vicious attacks by writers in the newspaper who are not the same color you are. When one of those attackers “invites” you to a public forum regarding that election, which will undoubtedly be filled with this person’s cronies who are largely not the same color you are in a town which has exhibited prejudice against people like you, would you go?

Did you ever ask the other two white male commissioners running for re-election which one has been arrested before? I doubt it. Here’s a wake up call, Maduska: you are only one person living in a democracy. You have no right to act as judge and jury over anyone else’s life. If you have facts to share, great. Otherwise, stop trying to intimidate a man brave enough to admit his mistakes.