To the editor:

In her letter to the times Oct. 21, Ms. Heflin just doesn’t know what she is talking about. Ecstasy, also known as molly, is a Level 1 drug. However, possession of a few tabs of it (less than 10 grams) has a severity rating of IV in the sentencing guidelines for the state of Kansas. Mr. Wilson was possessing just a few tabs of the drug. His crime would be a “one-person felony.” Maximum sentencing is 23 months. My knowledge of this incident comes solely from Mr. Wilson’s public account of it.  

This being the case, it brings several questions to my mind. Why was he incarcerated for three years if he was only in possession of a few tabs? It certainly wasn’t because he is black, as Ms. Heflin implies. There has to be more to the story. I am curious as to what he was charged with and was it a plea bargain? If Mr. Wilson was in possession of a large enough amount of the drug, then it could be presumed by law that he had an intent to sale. That situation could easily result in a three-year term.  

Since I read the paper faithfully every day, I have not seen any vicious attacks on Mr. Wilson as Ms. Heflin asserts. Mr. Maduska put forth some questions that should be answered. He stated that he didn’t know why anyone would vote for a person convicted of a felony and had no qualifications to hold the office of city commissioner. It is his opinion and he is entitled to it. He certainly wasn’t telling anyone what they had to do as Ms. Heflin asserts. It may come as a surprise to Ms. Helfin, but I am aware of many other voters in Leavenworth who share the same opinion as Mr. Maduska. Some of them are even persons of color.  

As to the moderator of the forum, (suggesting) Mr. Evans (was attacking) Mr. Wilson is pure hogwash. I am quite close to Evans and I have never heard him say one vicious thing about Mr. Wilson during all of our conversations about the upcoming election. That comment was totally uncalled for. 

I know for a fact that Mr. Wilson was contacted twice by Evans and both times he committed to his presence at the forum. He never mentioned a prior commitment, He was certainly contacted well before the event and could have declined then because of another commitment but he did not do so. Instead, he waits until the last minute of the night of the forum and through email informs Evans that he won’t be attending. Under those circumstances, it would make most anyone ask questions. 

By the way, a large majority of those attending certainly weren’t cronies of Evans. Most had never met him. Evans voted for a third-party candidate for president. That doesn’t sound like a crony to me. He, Mr. Maduska nor myself are racists. I am a lifelong resident of Leavenworth, as is Mr. Maduska, and we certainly know the attitudes and feelings of our town.  

This election, Ms. Heflin, is not about white and black, even though you are trying to make it so. It is about qualifications, personal backgrounds, ambition and commitment. And do tell, who is this “white male commissioner running for re-election” that you keep intimating has an arrest in his past?