To the editor:

After reading the answers of our six candidates for Leavenworth City Commission in Tuesday’s Leavenworth Times, I believe all of the candidates are honest and viable. However, my personal endorsement goes to Myron “Mike” Griswold. 

As both a friend and one-time work colleague, I think the world of him. Many years ago, I worked with and for Mike. His management style was impeccable. His ability in handling problems and situations was one of the best I encountered in my 45 years combined in the military and the workplace. 

He was always open to suggestions and continually listened to ideas from his subordinates and peers. He is very bright and laid back. He was always a pleasure to work with. He is honest and almost without ego. 

As I’ve said before in a letter to the editor, I’m voting for Mike not because he’s my friend, but because he’s the right choice for our city.