To the editor:

When not fantasizing about castrating men, Heflin says warning the voters about a felon’s past is intimidation and must be racist. Horse feathers.

If you haven’t been accused of racism by Democrats, you simply haven’t been telling the truth. They term anything they don’t favor racist. It’s a very tired and false excuse for wanting to silence those telling the truth. If I’m a racist, I must be terribly bad at it.

I was one of the strongest proponents of Tony Barton in his House of Representatives run in the 41st District, which he won. He did a fine job and was exponentially better than the tax and spend liberal in that seat now. I could easily support Tony for election to public office again. He’s an honest, decent guy.

Charlie Raney isn’t exactly a lily white northern European, but, as he knows well, I strongly support his reelection to the Leavenworth City Commission.

It’s the liberal lament. Anything I don’t favor must be racist. In this instance, it’s just another totally fake accusation intended to falsely sully my reputation.

Neither Heflin, nor anyone else, has brought out any valid reason to vote for Wilson.

I just know that voters deserve to know about a former felon who got three years for drug involvement, not too long ago, seeking a City Commission seat.

Besides having no educational or other qualifications for such an office, he not long ago showed awful judgment by his conscious decision to become a serious drug offender. He’s only about 30, and still isn’t exactly a pillar of mature judgment at this point.

His quite conspicuous and bizarre absence at a recent public forum speaks volumes about his poor judgment and revealed his total unwillingness to be open to the public. He ducked the forum at the last minute.

Wilson wants to exploit a weakness in our city ordinances to gain a seat on our City Commission. Many people across this town don’t want convicted felons in such an office. Most thought felons were already disqualified from such office and find it ridiculous that a fellow who couldn’t even work in many city departments should be part of a commission running the city.

It’s thoroughly ludicrous that people want a 30-year-old canteen worker, essentially a hash slinger, with no real qualifications, and a serious felony record, elected to such an important office. It appears some people place little importance on those positions and won’t demand any qualifications whatever of a felon wanting such a position. That’s a truly sad situation and I won’t participate in it.

Those are quite important positions and we deserve the best people we can elect to fill them. Wilson simply doesn’t qualify, not even close.