To the editor:

I am writing in support of Mr. Myron “Mike” Griswold and his candidacy for Leavenworth City Commissioner.

I have known and worked with Mike for the past 15 years. Honesty and integrity are his touchstone and he treats everyone with dignity and respect. He leads by example and believes that communication and collaboration are crucial to an effective and engaged City Commission.

I believe Mike has the demonstrated leadership and management ability, expertise, experience, energy and values required of a city commissioner. He is going door-to-door to talk with citizens and to hear their ideas for the city’s future. When elected, he will work with his fellow city commissioners to develop a unifying, forward thinking vision for the future of Leavenworth.

My vote Tuesday will be for Myron “Mike” Griswold. He will challenge the status quo, unleash the city’s potential and improve the quality of life for all Leavenworth citizens.