To editor:

Michael Bogner is a highly intelligent, deliberative, analytical person, but he’s no narcissist politician. You won’t hear him bragging about himself, that’s just not in him. But he has a lot to brag about.

By age 23, Mike Bogner had attained two engineering degrees, one in architectural engineering and one in civil engineering. He’s listed on the Kansas Register of Professional Engineers – and was at a young age.

Being such an analytical engineer, Mike knows how to identify the root causes of problems and implement effective plans to deal with them. He spent 40 years doing just that. As they say, scientists dream of things, engineers make them happen.

Mike is a member of a family that has called Leavenworth home for many decades. Mike is concerned about the homeless and the panhandlers roaming Leavenworth causing problems. He’s concerned that our city spends money needlessly and doesn’t properly prioritize spending. He feels that our city government isn’t open and forthcoming toward our citizens and wants that changed. Mike is a strong supporter of our law enforcement folks and sees the serious drug problems Leavenworth has and wants them dealt with properly.

Charlie Raney says he’s the champion of the little guy on the Leavenworth City Commission. He is the guy who knows exactly what tough times are like. Charlie looks out for the everyman, the common man, and for our small business folks, too. Charlie is also a hometown guy, born and raised in Leavenworth.

Charlie and his good lady know the pain of horrific loss. Though Charlie rarely mentions it, they are a Gold Star family, having lost a valiant son whose mission was clearing explosives for the safe passage of troops through Afghanistan. For the Raneys, patriotism means something.

Kansas Citizens for Life, Liberty and Property, a group that doesn’t usually endorse local candidates, just gave Charlie Raney their endorsement for reelection. They’re aware of his passion for prioritizing spending and the protection of our fundamental rights. Charlie was the only commissioner to vote against the recent .3 percent mill levy increase.

Charlie, along with Tony Barton, spearheaded the protest of the Guantanamo terrorists being brought here. He publicly protested it.

As a commissioner, Charlie keeps himself available to meet and talk with our citizens about problems they may have with the city. Charlie is an incumbent well worthy of reelection.

If, like myself, you want commissioners who strongly favor financial frugality and prioritizing spending, strong law enforcement and public safety, openness to the public and common sense conservative principles, then I urge you to vote for Michael Bogner and Charlie Raney for City Commission Nov. 7.