I am writing in support of Charles Raney for Leavenworth City Commissioner.

Wujeong Duncan

To the editor
I am writing in support of Charles Raney for Leavenworth City Commissioner. I have had the good fortune to know Mr. Raney for several years as we have worked together for numerous community organizations. I have personally witnessed Mr. Raney demonstrate great leadership and tremendous strength of character serving our city and working diligently with commitment and passion for our community.
I wanted to share a personal anecdote that speaks directly to Mr. Raney’s character. An elderly couple in my church had been having a difficult time understanding city ordinances and navigating regulations pertaining to housing repairs. I mentioned this in passing to Mr. Raney who took it upon himself to reach out to this couple, visit with them, listen to their concerns and personally take them to City Hall to advocate on their behalf to bring resolution to an issue that was important to his constituents.
This is the Charles Raney I know, always willing to go above and beyond to do whatever it takes to help the citizens of Leavenworth. Mr. Raney’s commitment to serve is evidenced by his willingness to meet with citizens whenever the need arises and to do whatever it takes to ensure that their concerns are adequately addressed. Mr. Raney was born and raised here in Leavenworth and has a tremendous wealth of knowledge about the challenges facing our community and an in-depth understanding of the unique strengths that Leavenworth possesses.
I am incredibly thankful that we have such a highly-qualified, dedicated commissioner working for the city of Leavenworth and I ask each of you to vote to re-elect Charles Raney so that the people of Leavenworth will continue to have an elected official who cares deeply for his community and will work tirelessly to ensure that our voices are heard. Please vote to re-elect Charles Raney for city commissioner and secure a brighter future for the city of Leavenworth.