To the editor:

If you haven't met Charles Raney, it is easy to do. Just give him a call. That is what makes him a true citizen of Leavenworth and a fine member of the Leavenworth City Commission. Charles knows what it is like to endure tough times. That’s the reason he is fiscally frugal. He was the only commissioner to vote against the recent .3 percent mill levy increase.

Charles believes that the city has its spending priorities all wrong. He sees the city spending money on things that don’t need attention immediately while ignoring the things that do. Streets in the southern section of the city are a good example.

He is a common man and will look after those things that impact the less fortunate. He understands the homeless problem in town and will work with the businessmen and the public to come to the best solution. He believes in an open government for the people. He stood in public in protest against the Gauntanamo prisoners coming to Leavenworth, a protest that he and Tony Barton organized. As a commissioner, he has always taken a stand representing the common public.

He is my choice for city commissioner and I hope he will be yours. Remember the name, Charles Raney.  

Mike Bogner is also a candidate for the Leavenworth City Commission. Mike has the knowledge and experience needed for that position. He knows the city. He has worked as assistant city engineer for several years after graduating from KU in 1976 with two bachelor’s degrees, one in architectural engineering and one in civil engineering. He is a registered civil engineer in the state of Kansas, something that would be quite useful as a member of the commission. He has served on the water board, the planning board, the preservation board and the zoning commission. He retired from Fort Leavenworth as the chief of master planning. Simply put, Mike Bogner is the right man for the job. I am voting for Mike, and you should too.  

Remember, when you enter the voting booth, vote for Charles Raney and Mike Bogner.