I am writing in support to retain Mark Preisinger as City Commissioner. I've known Mark since his first days in Leavenworth.

Jackie Sedlock

To the editor: 
I am writing in support to retain Mark Preisinger as City Commissioner.  I’ve known Mark since his first days in Leavenworth.  We attended the same school and he was our paperboy delivering this very publication.  His sense of duty to his fellow citizens developed at an early age as evidenced when he carried my little sister half a block to our house after she experienced a seizure.  I’m betting he finished his route after making sure she was all right.
He knows our school system from both a student and school board member point of view.  He remained in our fine state for his undergraduate studies and served this great nation and we its citizens in the US Army becoming a decorated veteran.
I’d like to refresh our collective memories of some of the Commission’s note-worthy accomplishments during his tenure.
1) When Leavenworth was unable to attract decent hotels it was determined that a subpar federal per diem was the reason according to a senior VP for the Hilton brand.  After working with our congressional delegation the federal per diem was brought to the same level with the counties surrounding MCI, Platte, Jackson, Wyandotte and Clay.  Major hotel chains immediately approached us to build which resulted in soon-to-be four reputable hotels helping Leavenworth capture a large majority of the business from the Fort, US Penitentiary and the VA.
2) The mil levy of the city’s portion of property tax was reduced by 40 percent thanks to a push to place sales tax on the ballot which we the people voted in.  In case anyone is interested, this is the greatest single reduction in property tax not only in the state of Kansas but in the entire country.
3) There is now a littering law in our city because believe it or not there wasn’t one.
4) Getting blighted properties up to code or demolished if unable to salvage thereby improving curb appeal, increasing property value while decreasing the invitation to crime has been championed.
5) By marketing Leavenworth as a good place to invest money we now have historical buildings that had fallen into disrepair that are converted to outstanding lofts and apartments with yet more in the works.
6) Thanks to the hotels and lofts now in areas that have lost their former glory we are seeing a revitalization drawing more businesses and restaurants.
7) The police and fire departments have realized an increased budget to provide for public safety.
8) The new industrial park opening July 2018 will provide an outstanding venue for recruiting businesses which translates into more and better job opportunities.
I count Mark as a friend but more important I count him as a good man and in the end that is why he deserves your vote.