To the editor:

Sincerely, it is my distinct honor to write this letter to encourage you to vote for John Dalbey, USD 469 School Board. As a community member John is compassionate and nurturing, always willing to give his time. John willingly volunteered to support a safe and secure Operation Graduation party for all Lansing High School graduates, class of 2017. As a husband, father, friend, and military leader he is selfless and holds himself to high standards. He demonstrates this by being on time, prepared, and organized to tackle whatever is next. As the chairman of the 2017 and 2018 Lansing High School Homecoming Extravaganza, I personally witnessed John build a team that was mission-focused and had great success. The key character traits I mentioned above will be instrumental when working with parents, administrators, and faculty. John Dalbey is a Lion, he is here to stay, and he is the best choice for the future of our district, our town, and our kids. You can trust John with our greatest resource.