To the editor:

This is in reference to Mark Wisner, the individual from the VA who has been sentenced to 15 plus years in the state prison system by Judge Gunnar Sundby. I have been following Judge Sundby’s decisions on a number of sentencings he has imposed in the recent past.

In September 2017, Judge Sundby sentenced William Moxley to only 32 months in the prison system for having hundreds of child pornography photographs on his computer. 

“I mean the acts of the children are just disgusting,” said Leavenworth County Attorney Todd Thompson. “I mean it is a horrible crime to see (what) these children have gone through.” Moxley only received 32 months for the “horrible crime.”

A Basehor man, William Wilson, was also sentenced to an extremely light sentence – a year in jail and probation for involuntary manslaughter, according to a news release from a prosecution official. A jury found him guilty of one count of involuntary manslaughter while driving under the influence of alcohol. Why wasn’t he charged with two counts of manslaughter? Why did he receive such a light sentence?

The charge stemmed from a crash that took place June 13, 2015, near the Kansas River. The crash resulted in the death of two people. William Wilson and the two victims were to serve as groomsmen later that day at a wedding in Basehor, according to Thompson. It was two lives lost due to the acts of Wilson.

Why is it that Mr. Wisner has been presented with such a long sentence while another individual, William Wilson, who killed two individuals while driving drunk, was given only the bare minimum for literally killing two innocent individuals? To add insult to injury, Wilson will be able to participate in work release during his jail sentence, according to Thompson. 

Moxley received another extremely light sentence. Mr. Moxley should have been charged for the entire library of child pornography he was in possession of. That crime carries a presumptive sentence of life in prison with the possibility of parole after 25 years, which is what Thompson asked for. Rather, Judge Sundby decided to give Moxley 2.5 years instead. Where is the justice in those two cases?

I believe Mr. Wisner was singled out in part because he is a former federal employee.

“Dozens of other former patients have filed civil lawsuits claiming they were subjected to similar behavior by Wisner,” wrote the Topeka Capital Journal.

Some of his victims who are or have been domiciliary residents are now suing the VA for millions, money that could be used to further help veterans with their medical issues.

I guess I do not understand the handling, the manipulation, of our legal system.