Every year, we dedicate a day to honor our soldiers. Although our gratitude should be stretched 365 days of the year, some people fail to realize that so many have sacrificed to give us the freedoms and safety we have today. That being said, I think it is important that people, especially young people still considering their career options, hear what it is like being in the service. So I asked a few people who are currently serving, and some who plan to, about the advice they would give to someone considering the military. 

“It is a great opportunity to meet new people and explore the world. Make the best of it, stay motivated and do not listen to the negativity of others,” said a man who has been serving for one year in the United States Air Force.

Too many times, have I heard negative things being said about joining the military, claiming it is the “easy way out” or that the GI Bill is the only reason to join. Well, I was determined to prove that not every young person has this mindset, and asked high school senior Dayton Flack, who is planning to join the Army after graduation. He said he is interested because of “the people, the traveling and culture of other places.” 

I think that Veterans Day should be a day of remembering, commemorating, but most importantly, educating ourselves. Whether that be by reading a book, asking a recruiter or listening to a soldier’s advice. As citizens who benefit from soldiers’ sacrifices every day, we should seek to understand, although we may never relate to the many battles that our service members may still continue to go through daily. So I would like to give a huge thank you to all of our fallen, retired, current and future soldiers. Your sacrifices are not unrecognized.

Katie Heckman is a freshman at KCKCC.