To the editor:

Let’s tackle just one Republican myth – the lie that they favor “small government.”

First of all, they make this claim almost as often as they open their mouths because they know people who don’t really know what this idea means will think, “Oh, that’s a good idea.”

Judging solely by their actions, however, they do not truly believe in small government.

First, they use laws to steal from the working classes to line their own pockets. Just look at the “tax plan” they are trying to pass right now. If it passes, school teachers (who are not high level earners) would lose their $250 per year tax deduction for buying materials (e.g. pencils and paper) for their students. Yet corporations will be able to continue to deduct “business expenses” (e.g. pencils and paper) for their employees. Gone, too, will be deductions for firefighters, who currently may deduct state taxes from their federal taxes (you can, too). Yet corporations will still be able to deduct sales taxes on business purchases from their corporate taxes. Gone, too, will be deductions for mortgage interest and moving expense deductions for employees. However, corporations will still be able to deduct expenses for relocating their companies, even if those facilities are moved out of the country.

While this “tax plan” pushed by Republicans will cut public services, including Medicare and Medicaid, by $6 trillion, all of that money will, in return, go to corporations and the wealthiest Americans, which also clearly exposes another lie – that they want fewer taxes. They just want the money collected for themselves. Clearly Robin Hood in reverse. See the breakdown of the bill by Americans for Tax Fairness.

This is the kind of “big government” Republicans love.

They also like the kind that intrudes in our bedrooms and in our health care, passing laws across the country that deny women and minorities their full rights. That kind of “big government” Republicans love.

The only kind of “small government” that Republicans actually like comes in the form of repeals of protections from exploitation by corporations. If Republicans had their way, gone would be consumer protections of any kind, employment protections of any kind, environmental protections of any kind, in short safety protections of any kind. They want to further exploit whoever and whatever they can, including wrecking our planet, to accrue more of what they continually crave: money.

If anything gets in their way of making a buck, they want it gone. They especially hate national parks because they keep them from stealing their resources.

If they can prevent anyone else from having any rights that might conflict with their avarice, they want “big government” to step in and make laws limiting the rights of those people.

So, you see, in reality, Republicans are the epitome of “big government,” using laws to steal from working class citizens to self-indulgently wolf down all that revenue for themselves, not caring if they steal the bread from your mouth or the national park from your grandchildren.

What they hate is America. Otherwise, why would they begrudge investing in its upkeep and in its citizens’ welfare?