A recent column gave a litany of what liberals and Democrats really believe. As does that columnist, I do not speak for all Republicans, but I will address some of the specific beliefs listed in that column.

I know of no Republicans, male or female, who condone “assault, disrespect, discrimination, diminished opportunities, etc., for half of the population. …” Nor do Republicans condone discrimination of women “in insurance, employment, promotions, (and) the legal system.”

Republicans believe that women should earn the same salary as men if the employment qualifications, output on the job and time at work are the same and for the same company. If women out-perform men in a certain business and receive higher bonuses, great. If women are paid less solely because of gender bias, that should not be. Workers should be rewarded based on their value to the company regardless of gender. 

Democrats are enamored with equality and “tolerance” – unless the topic is tolerating wealth. Remember candidate Obama’s gaff when he told the truth about wanting income redistribution? Recently a Democrat congressman spoke clearly about the need to redistribute wealth: “I am sick and tired of the richest people in this country getting richer and richer and richer.” Clearly, Democrats have no use for people who start out with nothing, work hard for decades and develop a highly successful business. How dare those entrepreneurs take chances, make good decisions and wind up wealthy? No! That cannot be allowed! The government must strip them of their wealth and give it to those who are less well off. Sound familiar? The concept is from Karl Marx’s Critique of the Gotha program published in 1875. Everyone who believes that communism is the way to go raise your hand.

Democrats support “individual choice and belief in religion – unless it impacts negatively on others, and most especially the vulnerable like children or the elderly.” They support “belief in religion” unless it involves a cake decorator not wanting to make a cake for GLBTQIAPK (or in Canada LGGBDTTTIQQAAPP) couples.

Insurance is a complicated matter. Contraception is a major topic of dissent. Should members of a religion who object to birth control and abortion have to subsidize those who believe in such things? Many Republicans object strongly to the government being in the business of micro-managing health care. Buying insurance products should be left to the marketplace where consumers can choose their own doctors. Remember that look-us-in-the-eye promise from President Obama? If Democrats truly believe in “individual choice” they would welcome the entry of more insurers into the field with more policy options. Obamacare does not seem to be working like that.

Ironically, liberals and Democrats want to protect “the vulnerable like children” but demand that women have the “individual choice” to kill unborn babies, half of whom are female. Is there any life more vulnerable that an unborn child’s? The Republican platform strongly supports an end to abortion which has killed more than 30 million unborn females. So which party is more sympathetic to women?

The point about voter registration and driver’s license renewal is ridiculous. The columnist says that women have to produce birth certificates and legal documentation of name changes. Don’t men have to do this also? Republicans believe that only U.S. citizens should vote and that everyone should have to produce a birth certificate or other documentation to prove it. Democrats seem to want non-citizens and illegal aliens to be able to vote. Should not a driver’s license indicate the driver’s true name? If someone, male or female, tries to board an airplane and gives one name to the agent but the license shows another name, does the columnist really believe that person should be allowed to board the plane? Somehow, though, these requirements discriminate against women. I don’t get it.

It is odd that the columnist extols individual choice but not in education. Democrats abhor any education system that competes with public schools. Apparently, school choice “impacts negatively” on others. Nope, no choice allowed and taxpayer education funding can never follow the student. 

Republicans choose not to slaughter 30 million unborn females. They choose to demand that only legal citizens be allowed to vote. They choose to allow workers to keep the fruits of their labor. They choose to be able to send their children to the best schools available. They choose to demand choices in health care. 

Liberals and Democrats have made their choices as well. Which party do you choose?

Rich Kiper is a Leavenworth Times columnist.